About Sustainability

Make What The Planet Needs


Clean water, energy and food being the essentials for life, VAPTECH shall do its utmost to further develop and innovate its portfolio of products and services, as well as to create new ones in order to contribute to the production of renewable energy and healthy food. Waste water treatment and waste management are two new avenues that VAPTECH looks forward to explore in the future.

VAPTECH firmly believes that for a company to be successful and sustainable, economical gain should not be its only concern. VAPTECH attaches highest priority to maintaining its status of a good corporate citizen and to advance into reaching new moral and spiritual levels: the ever higher social responsibility. This can be only materialized through very demanding requirements for personal integrity, values, mission and vision of our people.

The UN Global Compactprinciples on human rights, labor standards, environment protection and anti-corruption are recognized by VAPTECH as being the guidelines for its sustainability.



VAPTECH constantly strives to preserve the environment and to protect the Planet. Sharing this common objective, TOYOTA & VAPTECH initiated a long term cooperation with a common motto; "Clean Future Today", that is displayed on TOYOTA Hybrid vehicles that VAPTECH uses for its operations.